Earlex - Pistolets à peinture, décolleuses à papier peint, décapeurs thermiques

Earlex fait partie des principaux fournisseurs de pistolets HVLP (high volume low pressure)
grâce à sa gamme SprayStation®. La compagnie a lancé sur le marché la première
décolleuse à papier peint électrique et est leader au Royaume-Uni. Jusqu’à aujourd’hui, Earlex a
vendu plus de sept millions de décolleuses dans le monde entier. Earlex propose également
une vaste gamme de décapeurs thermiques et de solutions de nettoyage à la vapeur.

Produits grand public

Du matériel de pulvérisation aux décolleuses à papier peint, en passant par les décapeurs thermiques et le nettoyage à la vapeur,
Earlex offre une large gamme de matériel de bricolage pour tout type de travaux en intérieur comme en extérieur.

Produits professionnels

Les produits Earlex à destination des professionnels offrent la résistance et la robustesse nécessaire
aux travaux réguliers des peintres et décorateurs. La gamme inclut des pistolets à peinture, des décolleuses à papier peint et
des décapeurs thermiques.

What our customers say

  • “I purchased the Earlex 5500 sprayer just a couple of months ago and it has changed the way I finish. Spraying is something I should have done years ago but was always leery of how it would come out. The 5500 has changed all that for me.”


  • “I have the 5500 and love it. I’ve sprayed professionally for over 25 years and when I retired and now only work in my small shop at home, I decided to go with an HVLP system and decided on the 5500. I’ve been using it for the past couple years and it’s done a great job. I’ve built two complete kitchens since retiring and all the spraying was done with the Earlex.”


  • “I have used the Earlex SprayStation for over 10 years now as my pottery work requires a really smooth, regular finish. I often promote the product to other potters as I think it’s a fantastic, good value piece of equipment”

    Lucy | www.lucyburley.co.uk

    Company 06
  • “Great Steamer for the Price – My daughter was stripping some old wallpaper and struggling. We bought this little steamer and it worked so well we were amazed and flew through the job. Took a little while to warm up but once it was going it really was excellent. Would definitely recommend this”

    Jeff | www.argos.co.uk

    Company 05
  • “Quick and Easy – Replaced my old Black and Decker – what a difference – I could hardly keep up with the scrapping, removed ancient wallpaper under woodchip the job was done in no time at all. Money well spent”

    Kitimi | www.argos.co.uk

    Company 04

How to strip wallpaper

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